The Douglas 4th of July Committee is staying up to date by following credible, official sources such as State and CBJ Mandates and guidelines so we can respond quickly to changes that could affect our plans for a Douglas 4th of July Celebration.


At this moment, we are going forward with plans for a Douglas Parade with the theme, "All In This Together" as well as the other Douglas 4th of July Celebrations. The committee reserves the right to cancel up to two weeks before July 4th to adhere to Government guidelines and mandates due

to COVID-19. 

Please note that the Juneau Parade is put on by a separate organization and as of March, the Juneau Parade has been cancelled.

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Summer Program

The focus of the Fourth of July in Douglas has always been on the children and the community coming together to celebrate. Competition including ballgames, and fire hose events between Juneau and Douglas have gone back through our history to the days the Treadwell Mine was in operation. 

Fall Program

The Committee puts on a couple of great fall activities for when the weather often turns to the wetter and windier variety.  With a few back-to-school events as well as some Halloween themed events, we try to keep the children and community of Douglas coming together in the cooler fall days. 

Winter Program

Winters in Douglas, Alaska can be long, cold, dark, and lonely. The Committee adheres to our commitment to bringing the children and the community together for the beginning of the winter and Christmas season. We encourage all our friends and neighbors to join in the festivities. 


President: Molly McCormick

Vice Pres: Joyce Vick

Treasurer: John Lasinski

Secretary: Nona Dimond

David Eckerson

Maggie Swanson

Sharon Kelly

Sherill Baxter 



Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday April - May

Every Tuesday of June - July

6:30PM in Meeting Room at the 

Douglas Community Fire Hall / Library 

Mailing Address:

Douglas 4th of July Committee
PO Box 240881
Douglas, AK 99824-0765


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