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The first Douglas 4th of July Committee Planning meeting is Tuesday, April 12 at 6:30pm at the Douglas Library Conference Room.

Text Molly at 907-321-3510 for the Zoom link if you would like to attend this meeting via Zoom!

Please consider joining this fun group responsible for the amazing time had in Douglas, AK over the Independence Day Holiday! 

Summer Program

The focus of the Fourth of July in Douglas has always been on the children and the community coming together to celebrate. Competition including ballgames, and fire hose events between Juneau and Douglas have gone back through our history to the days the Treadwell Mine was in operation. 

Fall Program

The Committee puts on a couple of great fall activities for when the weather often turns to the wetter and windier variety.  With a few back-to-school events as well as some Halloween themed events, we try to keep the children and community of Douglas coming together in the cooler fall days. 

Winter Program

Winters in Douglas, Alaska can be long, cold, dark, and lonely. The Committee adheres to our commitment to bringing the children and the community together for the beginning of the winter and Christmas season. We encourage all our friends and neighbors to join in the festivities.